Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bookworm: The Sleeper by Emily Barr

I picked this book after reading some people suggesting you'd like it if you enjoyed Gone Girl - a book I loved.

Now on my way home on the train I've just finished it and I'm a bit undecided what I think.

Did I enjoy the book? I guess so.

Is it what I expected? Not really.

At first it was slow and then I started to like the character of Lara and could see where the story was going. However this story changes a lot.

Now this chopping and changing is a good thing in terms of twists and turns, but I even felt the style and approach was changing too. References to Laurie for instance (I'm not going into detail to avoid a spoiler here) seemed a bit weird and not in keeping with the book. 

I like the fact that things are not what they seem and do surprise you. Yet at the very end I felt it was all a bit weak and  nice. 

Don't get me wrong you do want to keep reading this book to find out what happens next, but certain characters like Iris have a rather rushed and limited build up and so I found I could not connect as much with her.

I also found that I kept going from liking to hating Lara and some of the male characters like Sam just come across as utter saps. 

Good points
Keeps you surprised 
Not predictable
Page turner

Not so great
Some of the character description not great
Goes off on tangents and seems to change mind what sort of book it wants to be

If you fancy an easy read with a touch of Gone Girl about it, give this a go but don't expect too much from it or such an impact of an ending. 

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