Friday, 5 October 2012

Bookworm: Me Before You by JoJo Moyes


I have literally just finished this book on my lunchbreak and thank goodness I read it whilst in a public place, I've had to hold myself together as it is!

If like me you love books that get your emotions going you will love this book.

I'd seen Me Before You previously on the shelf in shops and on my Recommended List on my Kindle. To be honest with you, I thought it looked like a predictable chick lit offering and disregarded it.

A friend at work was part way through reading it recently and recommended it to me. Thank goodness she did and I decided to give it a go.

I've found I couldn't put this book down and on seeing how close I was to finishing it this morning on my commute in, I've been impatient to get on my break to carry on reading! In fact I think I've now finished this fictional tale before my friend who suggested I try it!

The story focusses on Louisa Clark, she's a pretty ordinary girl who is very set in her ways, unadventurous and not very ambitious. She's been in a relationship for seven years with with a boyfriend she's just 'comfortable' with.

Louisa is the forgotten one in her family and holds a dark secret, which you wouldn't expect.

Moyes is great at building her characters and I could picture each of them - the Traynors, Katrina, Patrick, Louisa's parents and even the area they all live in.

I don't want to give anything away but Louisa ends up working for the Traynor family and has to care for Will, a quadraplegic since a fateful accident when he was younger.

Whatever you're thinking, don't. Throughout I kept second guessing what was going to happen next and how people were going to act. Yes granted there is one obvious storyline you will guess as a reader but any other expectations I had were squashed.

A mix of laugh, tears and hope this book covers it all. Dare I say it, it may be the next PS I Love You.

Moyes does not offer a feel good predictable read as you'd expect from the cover and blurb.

Good points
Strong likeable characters
Good storyline, lots of twists
Not what you expect
Don't want to put it down

Not so wonderful
From the outset one part is pretty obvious in this story
Getting to the end - I didn't want to finish
It will make you sad!

As you've probably gathered by now yes I would recommend this, yes I'm a soppy mess and yes I will be looking into what else this author has to offer.

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